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Rules of Conduct

Welcome to The Gym Maplewood. We want to ensure that the well looked after character of our facility will be preserved and therefore the following rules and regulations apply for any individual and groups who want to use our facility and services. We kindly ask you to follow these rules.

·      It is compulsory to check in for every training session or rental.

·      Any property you bring can be stored in cubby area located near the entrance. You are not permitted to bring your bags into the training area. Articles are left at the owner's risk and the The Gym Maplewood takes no obligations for any losses.

·      You need to bring separate and clean sports shoes. No outside shoes for training, change shoes before you enter. Please bring a towel to place it on the machines that you use while you work out.

·      Please help to keep The Gym Maplewood tidy. The free equipment like dumbbells, slings, grips have to be put back to their origin.
Do not forget to dismantle/rerack the long and the short dumbbells you used.

·      If you have finished your training set be ready to leave the machine to give others the chance to continue their work-out.

·      We provide disinfectants and we kindly ask you to use them to clean the machines you have used after your training at the cardio area.

·      A free water dispenser is provided for you. Please use sealed plastic bottles. You cannot use cups, glasses or glass bottles.
Alcohol is not permitted.

·      Food cannot be consumed in the training area.

·      Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the entire facility including the outdoor areas.

·      There is no refund for any payments made.

·      Memberships are non-transferable.

·      In case of misconduct you will positively be expelled from The Gym Maplewood.

·      Always treat others with respect and Kindness.

·      Profanity will not be tolerated

·      Accidents have to be reported immediately to the The Gym Maplewood where you will also find all the forms and documents that need to be filled in.

·      In case of health issues that limit your training ability to a certain extent you need to consult a physician who may give you limited permission to work out.

·      There is no liability from The Gym Maplewood if you suffer from health problems while working out.

Help us keep our turf nice and neat! Bring a clean pair of sneakers to change into!

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