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THE GYM MAPLEWOOD is equipped with two retractable batting cages, pitching machines, and a portable pitching mound. Our goal is to provide you with knowledgable staff and the best equipment so you can improve your skill level. NO MEMBERSHIP necessary!


We offer spacious, and well-lit cages to be used for pitching and hitting by individuals, small groups, or teams.  All cage rentals should be scheduled in advance! Or check our open cage hours every week below.  Schedule to rent a cage for 30-minutes or 60-minutes and take advantage of our:
  • Pitching Machines
    [auto-feed but need to be
    reloaded between each round]


    • Baseballs up to 65 mph​

    • Softballs up to 56 mph 

    • 12 balls session - Auto Ball-feeder

  • Pitching Mound  (10 ft x 4.5 ft)

The lengths  55 ft. ft are the maximum

distance they can be pulled back.  

While walk-in batting, pitching or fielding practice times are possible, we can't guarantee availability until you... or email to book your times!

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