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Tim's Columns

How Resolved Are You?

In the battle of the bulge, don't try to change everything at once. Choose your skirmishes wisely.


Should I Join the Gym?

Millions join gyms ever New Year. But don't waste your money on the wrong gym or any gym at all if you can't find the right one.


Gimmicks and Gadgets

If a fitness or weight-loss product seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Spicing It Up for Valentine's Day

Nothing like a little partner exercise to get the heart rate moving.


Try, Try Again

But don't assume it will be different this time, unless you change your approach.


Buried Deep and Shoveling Out Safely

Sure, it's March, but we may not out of the woods yet, snow-wise. March is the fourth snowiest month of the year 'round here.


Need a Vacation from Your Vacation?

Some basic rules to follow to keep in shape while enjoying yourself on vacation.


Starting Slowly

Don't bust your aorta trying to get it all back in one spring day.


The Steeper The Learning Curve

Kettlebells, the latest craze that's been around for decades.


Weekend Warriors

Or how to play like a kid again.


One Maplewood Father's Definition of a Dad

A Maplewood dad muses about selflessness and fatherhood, as he honors his own father's memory.


Time to Drink Up

Hydration is critical for summertime activities.


Hooray for Volleyball

Don't just spike your drinks when your having a summer get-together�spike some balls!


A Lesson In Perserverance

At long last, Thursday night pickup softball in Maplecrest Park is reborn


Hope for the Future of Maplewood

Maplewood's fitness future looks bright as does its future in general when there are young people Caroline Cahill around


A Lesson in Balance

Learning to enjoy your food and love your thighs


Think You Don't Have the Time?

Turn kiddie play time into exercise - and family fun - time.


A Little Competition is a Good Thing, Right?

Getting out there and trying is half the battle


The Big One Is Coming

Could you run the New York City Marathon?


Oh the Seasons, They Are a-Changin'

Raking your way through the fall for fitness


Going Home Again

You can go home again�where a life well-lived will reap its rewards.



A trial trip through the aisles of Target ultimately leads back to our tried and true local fitness vendors.

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